The Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future
See the Future, Create the Future

See the Future, Create the Future

The Museum of the Future is a visionary cultural institution currently under construction in Dubai, UAE. 

We will be a showplace for a new era - a center of creativity and hope where you can see, touch and shape our shared future. Combining elements of exhibition, immersive theater and themed attraction, the Museum of the Future invites you to look beyond the present and take your place within possible worlds to come. 

Like our home city, the Museum of the Future strives to be a place of tolerance where varied cultural, philosophical, social and spiritual outlooks are welcome. We are dedicated to critically exploring the threats and opportunities of our time and hope that you will join us in conceiving a better future for ourselves and our planet.

The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.
HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai


  1. Read the challenges defined by the Museum of the Future and select the challenge you would like to apply for.
  2. Fill out the application form here.
  3. Shortlisted companies will be invited to attend a virtual interview.



What happens if you’re selected?

Stage 1

Start, Discovery and Proposals (Week 1 and 2)

Companies meet one another and representatives from the Museum of the Future and the Dubai Future Foundation during an opening briefing. The companies learn more about the program during this orientation and the aims and goals of the accelerator. Representatives from the Museum of the Future introduce companies to key personnel within the Museum and provide a tour of the site. The representatives and the companies begin brainstorming ideas and developing draft proposals for presentation and review at the end of Stage 1.

Stage 2

Development (Week 3, 4 and 5)

Companies begin developing their proposals further based on Museum feedback. These proposals for the final pilot project will be developed over a series of 3 weeks through check-ins with the Museum of the Future representatives at the Dubai Future Accelerators area. Museum representatives will provide constructive feedback to the companies during the 3 weeks, and both will then work together to iterate and improve the proposal, discussing and negotiating scope and cost. The Museum will ensure the companies have access to relevant expertise and data in order to begin fully developing their proposals.

Stage 3

Proposal Pitch (Week 6)

Having jointly discussed and developed pilot project proposals, companies pitch their final proposal to representatives from the Museum of the Future and the dubai future Foundation. Museum representatives agree or decline to proceed with an MOU (or commercial agreement) with the companies based on their proposed pilots.

Stage 4

Drafting and Conclusion (Week 6)

Museum representatives work together to finalize a contract and begin creating their proposals.

The Museum of the Future Accelerator will provide:

An economy return flight to and from your home country
Accommodation in Dubai for the full 6 weeks
Working space in Jumeirah Emirates Towers in the Dubai Future Accelerators area
Meetings with the Museum of the Future management and creative teams
Proposal development support

The Museum of the Future Accelerator will also cover the cost of visa applications and the visa cost itself for each full-time participant.

Does the Museum of the Future Accelerator take equity in participating companies? What is the IP arrangement in relation to the work produced as part of the Museum of the Future accelerator?

IP and equity remain with the company, other than any specific arrangement made in a contract signed with the Museum of the Future at the end of the accelerator. Those arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis.

When is the next program taking place?

Our cohort starts on July 1st 2018 and ends on August 9th 2018. The deadline to submit applications for this cohort is on May 30th, 11:59pm GMT+4.

What type of companies do you accept?

While we consider applicants on a case-by-case basis, companies should have already built and launched their core technology, and be able to demonstrate traction and/or substantial use cases. While we encourage companies to approach the program with an open mind and the desire to develop new technologies, the program is not open to early-stage startups that are still at the ideation stage. 

From experience, the program is best suited to technology companies that have raised Seed or Series-A, or employ a number of staff beyond the core founding team.

How many employees from our company should attend the program?

We need a commitment from 2 to 3 participants to attend full-time for the duration of the 6-week cohort. Business development, project management and the ability to rapidly prototype ideas are key skills required. Furthermore, we require a senior decision maker to be a part of this team as it is an intense program and key decisions will have to be made instantaneously. This ensures that you are in a position to make the best out of the program.

What will the Museum of the Accelerator provide?

For participants committing to the full program, the Museum of the Future Accelerator will provide an economy return flight to and from your home country, plus accommodation in Dubai for the full 6 weeks. We will also cover the cost of visa applications for each full-time participant. If you’re based in the UAE but not in Dubai, we may be able to cover accommodation for full-time participants, but this is subject to availability.

What’s different about Museum of the Future Accelerator compared to other accelerator programs?

The Museum of the Future Accelerator is a unique opportunity for technology companies to gain unparalleled access to the staff, resources and expertise behind the Museum of the Future.

This isn’t an accelerator in the traditional sense - we won’t teach you how to write a business plan or build an MVP; what we are accelerating is the creation of technology that solves a challenge the Museum of the Future faces. Instead of taking months to access relevant stakeholders, expect to develop a positive relationship with the government of Dubai in weeks.

The aim of the program is to provide a dynamic environment where companies and entities can explore new opportunities to deliver transformative technologies and services, culminating in companies receiving a MOU (or other commercial agreement) to deliver a funded pilot project after the program ends.

What about part-time participants?

We will not cover the costs of part-time participants; however, they are more than welcome to be a part of the program so as long as your company incurs the costs.

What does my company need to provide?

Since participants will likely be working away from their regular place of work, companies should look to cover living expenses and any other travel costs incurred while attending the program.

Companies must arrange comprehensive medical insurance for all participants - this is a strict condition of attendance, and participants may be asked for proof of cover before traveling to the program.

Finally, every participating company will be required to demonstrate its core technologies in the early weeks of the program. This means that a hardware company should bring some form of their hardware with so it can be tested. If your product is software, participants should be able to not only demonstrate it, but explain it in technical detail.

Past Exhibitions

The Museum of the Future builds on over five years of immersive exhibitions created for the World Government Summit, a global platform dedicated to the future of public service, held each year in Dubai. These exhibitions focused on the role of future technology in diverse sectors such as government services, healthcare, climate change and food security.

  • MOTF-WGS-2019_32.JPG

    The Museum of the Future: HUMANS 2.0

    The Museum of the Future: HUMANS 2.0 */?>
  • 2018.jpg

    The Museum of the Future: Hi I am AI

    This year’s Museum of the Future at the World Government Summit introduced visitors to an AI-powered living building, who helped them understand the power and potential of AI as they got to know it through various rooms and experiences. Several questions were posed during the exhibition such as: Can AI be creative? Can it be helpful? Can it go wrong? What is our future together?
    The Museum of the Future: Hi I am AI */?>
  • 2017.jpg

    The Museum of the Future: Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050

    The exhibition re-imagines the three biggest factors contributing to humanity’s ecological footprint – global industry, agriculture, and urbanism – as a means to radically innovate the way we live on Earth. Visitors step into a future world where new levels of self-sufficiency, plentiful resources, and exciting uses of technology and biology have improved our quality of life dramatically.
    The Museum of the Future: Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050 */?>
  • 2016.jpg

    The Museum of the Future: Machinic Life

    The exhibition theme of Machinic Life showcases how sentient machines could evolve to enhance our bodies and minds, restructure our social and family lives, and manage complex social and economic systems.
    The Museum of the Future: Machinic Life */?>
  • 2015.jpg

    The Museum of the Future: Smart City

    Set in a life-sized “Smart Street”, this exhibition invited a global audience of influential government leaders and policy experts to step into the UAE’s vision for empathic, proactive government services set in the city of the future.
    The Museum of the Future: Smart City */?>
  • 2014.jpg

    The Museum of the Future: Government Services

    The first annual Museum of Future Government Services was an exquisitely crafted, multi-sensory exhibit at the Government Summit in Dubai which immersed top leaders and policy-makers in a positive vision of future technology-enabled government services.
    The Museum of the Future: Government Services */?>

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