Future Heroes

A fantasy world for children, focused on future skills.

A world for kids

Future Heroes is Museum of the Future’s dedicated space for the children. Within an open world of exploration and play, children are encouraged to develop future-proof skills that will always be useful. 

The exhibitions three main experiences: Imagine, Design and Build present children with opportunities to play and to learn through activities that encourage communication, collaboration and creativity.

Free play and focused activity

At any given moment, the Future Heroes may be called on to participate in an urgent mission. These missions present challenges that must overcome in a limited time. Overseen by the Museum’s Future Heroes experts guides, the urgent missions encourage children to work together toward a shared goal.

A game experience that’s free of screens

Future Heroes borrows from the best of what video games offer and then applies it to the real world. Each child becomes a player, exploring areas and activities, taking on challenges and collecting rewards. 

The game they play is designed to encourage critical thinking, courage and confidence. These qualities are rewarded with badges that celebrate making positive contributions to the Future Heroes world by helping, solving problems, creating something new or trying something you’ve never done before. Players can collect as many of these badges as they want and can save them between visits.